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How To Use Our Service

For Brides & Grooms
For Celebrants

Julia's Celebrant Agency is a team of lovely Celebrants who are all creative, fun and professional and most of all, they love LOVE!

To sign up to the Agency, every Celebrant needs to customise their profile page with their latest fees, services and inclusions as well as update their availability on the JCA calendar.

Now this is where it gets clever!

Brides and Grooms can search for a Celebrant using the enquiry form on the Home Page and only the Celebrants who are available on the selected wedding day (and time) will appear. Saving everyone so much time and hassle!

Brides and Grooms can compare everyone's services, choose to request meetings with Celebrants and they can even book Celebrants on the spot if they like what they see.

If the Bride and Groom request a meeting with a Celebrant, the Celebrant is instantly notified of their request and they will make contact with the Bride and Groom to line up a meeting. The Bride and Groom are given a handy reference number should they wish to return to the website later to process the booking.

Julia's Celebrant Agency processes the deposit required to book the Celebrant which is $150 and from that, JCA retains an agency fee of $75 and reimburses the Celebrant the remaining $75 at the end of the calendar month.

The Brides and Grooms are given all the details they need to start their wedding preparations with their chosen Celebrant and everyone lives happily ever after!

JCA Celebrant Guarantee

Every wedding booked through JCA will receive the JCA Celebrant Guarantee which is JCA's promise to provide an emergency celebrant for the wedding should the Celebrant ever find themselves in a tricky situation.

JCA will personally find a replacement Celebrant and pay them $250 to perform your wedding. Celebrants can elect to be on the Emergency Call Out list and JCA will help facilitate the transfer of ceremonies and paperwork between the Celebrants involved.

JCA Booking Guarantee

Every booking made through JCA also receives the Booking Guarantee! This allows changes to be made to bookings (Change of Celebrant, time, date etc.) provided the change occurs within the first calendar month of making the booking. If you require any more information feel free to email us at